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How Long Do Garage Doors Really Last? 


The life expectancy of a garage door that is well maintained can last for many years.  But how long do they really last?  Well, for starters, the materials used can heavily affect its lifespan. The following materials have a long life expectancy:

  • Steel or aluminum: These doors are popular for their durability and can last 20 to 30 years with regular maintenance.
  • Wood: With proper care, wooden doors can last 15 to 20 or even more years.
  • Fiberglass, vinyl and other common materials: They have a lifespan of at least 15 to 20 years if they are maintained well.

When should garage doors be replaced?

It is important to monitor the performance of your garage door at every cycle. There are a few factors that can indicate when it’s the right time to replace your garage door .

  • Erratic Operation: Your door may not be opening or closing smoothly if it has deeper mechanical problems that require replacement.
  • Audio distress:   Got a noisy garage door?  It may time to replace the device, especially if you are unable to fix it.
  • Recurring Repairs: Replacing the garage door can be more cost effective if you have to make frequent repairs. These repairs add up, and they may lead to your needing a replacement door.
  • Wear and tear that is visible: If your garage door has been exposed to the elements, impacts, collisions, and wear, you may need to replace it.

       Consider these Factors

The lifespan of your garage door is largely determined by several factors:

  • Climate : Exposure to harsh weather conditions (cold, humidity, or heat) can cause garage doors to wear out faster.
  • Use If you repeatedly open and shut your door, it will wear out more quickly than one that is stationary.
  • Maintenance Garage door maintenance is essential for optimal performance. An annual inspection by an experienced technician will maximize the life of your garage door.
  • Installation A certified company will install your door professionally to ensure that it functions and lasts for years.
  • Materials The materials used to manufacture your garage door will determine its lifespan. You can choose steel for less chipping and denting, or aluminum for less strain for your garage door opener.

Repair or replace?

The decision of whether to replace or repair a garage door is ultimately based on a variety of factors. You only need to replace a garage door if it can’t be repaired. Otherwise, you have the option to choose.

Ultra Garage Doors can give you sound advice if you’re unsure of what to do. Our team of experts can replace your garage door, or make repairs if necessary.

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Your garage door is one of the most important parts of your home, even though you may seldom think about it. Ultra Garage Doors can provide expert guidance and advice when it comes to garage door maintenance and replacement. We service Dade, Broward and Palm Breach counties, and we are ready to assess your garage. When it’s time to make a change, give us a call.

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