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Repair or Replace your Garage Door


It can be difficult to know whether you should repair or replace your garage door if you don’t have much experience with garage door repairs. Over the lifetime of a residential garage door, it will experience significant wear and tear.

The constant opening and closing of the garage door can cause significant wear on its components. If you want to keep your garage door in top condition, knowing whether you can get by with regular repairs or if a replacement is necessary can make all the difference.

Ultra Garage Door scan help answer the question: Should I repair or replace my residential garage door?

Signs That You Should Repair Your Garage Doors

To take better care of your garage, you need to be aware of all the problems that could occur. Multiple moving parts work together to make sure your garage door runs as smoothly as it possibly can. This can also mean your system can have multiple points where it could break down. Early identification of warning signs can help you keep your garage in good condition.

You may need to repair your garage door in Coral Springs, FL if you notice any of these signs:

The door is heavier than usual

Spring are an essential part of your garage system. If the springs are damaged or not as strong as before, opening the garage door can be more difficult than expected. You may need to replace your springs if you notice that the overhead door is heavier or that it requires more force to open.

The door suddenly stops working

Don’t panic if your garage door suddenly stops moving in the middle of opening it. It is usually a system issue that can be corrected by professional garage door services. A professional can diagnose any problem, whether it is a broken garage door cable, garage spring or an issue with the opener.

Damage to a single door panel

Your garage will likely have several panels, depending on its size. These panels help to create the overall appearance. It’s usually more cost-effective to replace the panel that’s damaged rather than the whole door if your damage is limited to just one panel. This simple repair will improve your garage door’s appearance and save you money by preventing a costly replacement.

When to Replace your garage door

Even though a garage door repair service is highly recommended, routine repairs may not be enough to restore the system to its original glory. It can be difficult to decide when a replacement is the best option. Here are some key signs to watch out for:

Your Garage Door Is 15+ Years Old

If your garage door is older, you will need to contact repair experts more frequently to fix a problem. The garage door can last a lifetime with proper care. However, if your system is constantly in need of repairs, or is detracting from the curb appeal of your home, you may want to consider investing in a replacement system.


You may need to replace your garage door if you have experienced extensive storm damage, or if you had an accident with it. It’s time to replace the entire system if your garage door system has been severely damaged and is no longer functioning as it used to.

Hasn’t Worked Properly for a Long Time

You may ignore garage door problems. If it doesn’t affect the garage door’s overall look and functionality, you can ignore it. The longer you wait to fix one of these problems, the more likely it is that you’ll need an expensive and extensive job. It could be time for an upgrade if your garage door is exhibiting the same issues.


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