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Caring for your Garage Door


In Florida, we have a lot of weather extremes. Heat, rain, humidity… even cold for a few months.  You probably don’t even think about your garage doors very often, as long as they work properly. It may be used several times a day, but only goes up and down when needed. As with other parts of the house, your garage door will need maintenance from time to time. This could be a repair due to immediate damage or a general service if the parts have been out of alignment for a while.  But caring for your garage door now could save you a lot of money and headache down the line.

Here are some reasons why:

Storms & Weather

If one thing Florida is known for, it’s storms.   A door can be damaged by repeated heavy storms or bright sunlight, or a particularly heavy storm that includes sleet and hail. It is possible to repair such damage with a new coat of paint. However, it’s more likely that the door will need to be repaired with filler. Winds associated with these storms may also cause the rails to be knocked off alignment, or the wheels to come out of their tracks.

Damage Over Time

Garage doors are a big job and require some maintenance. The motor, cables, springs or chain may break. Rails and safety features can be out of alignment. These aren’t difficult repairs, but there are ways to make them more efficient. A professional garage door specialist can do these jobs correctly the first time.

Collisions and Accidents

Garage doors can be damaged by accidents and collisions, regardless of whether they are bumped or not by cars or children playing in the driveway. Repairs can range from re-aligning moving parts to a full replacement depending on the extent and nature of the damage.

Due to the precision of measurements and tolerances in a garage system, it’s recommended that hires a professional garage specialist like Ultra Garage Doors for repairs and maintenance. You should also have your garage door inspected every year to determine any issues and fix them before they become more costly. Just a little effort towards caring for your Garage Door will ensure that it will continue to look its best and work every time.

Caring For Your Garage Door

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