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The Effect of Sunlight on Garage Door Sensors

The Affect of Sunlight on Garage Door Sensors

Florida garage doors are affected by sunlight every day. So what does that mean for The Effect of Sunlight on Garage Door Sensors? To ensure safety, your garage door’s sensors are one of the most critical components. These sensors are extremely important, but malfunctioning can be caused by many factors. You must be a Florida homeowner who is knowledgeable about these factors so that your garage door sensors can be maintained at all times. Since we happen to live in “The Sunshine State”, you might ask… what’s the effect of sunlight on garage door sensors?. Ultra Garage Doors has a guide that explains how to deal with this problem.

Sensors 101

The heart of an automatic opener system is the two sensors located on either side of your garage door. These two sensors send infrared signals from one garage door opening to another. The system detects that the receiver sensor is receiving an infrared signal. This allows electricity to flow to your opener motor, allowing you to open and close your garage door. The system will stop the flow of electricity if the signal is interrupted or blocked in any way.

Solar Interference

The infrared system is usually efficient and effective. Infrared energy is a part of the visible spectrum. Because sunlight is a mixture of all types of light, even those with more energy, it can disrupt the signal flow between infrared sensors. Even if your sensors are clean and there are no hazardous conditions, garage doors might not function. Even if there is some interference from the sun, your garage door will not last very long. Garage door sensors use focused infrared light beams. To cause interference, the sun must be at the right angle to the sky. You may have no problems with your garage doors until you leave your house at the perfect time, which could lead to you thinking that there is a problem.

Other possible complications

Sunlight interference is unlikely to be an issue if your home is not at the right angle. But, other factors can make sunlight interference more likely. Dust and cobwebs can cause problems for your sensors. Dust or cobwebs on your sensors can sometimes catch the sun and shine directly at your garage door’s sensors. Even if the sensors aren’t at the right angle, they still have problems if they get dirty. Even though the sun doesn’t directly affect garage door sensors, dirt, and dust can cause interference with the infrared signal. The garage Door Doctor suggests cleaning your sensors once per month with a dry cloth.

A source of heat

You should be aware that allowing the sun to shine on your garage door sensors repeatedly could cause more than a temporary inconvenience. Your sensors could become permanently damaged by prolonged sunlight exposure. Garage door sensors are equipped with convex lenses that focus sunlight on electronic components. This phenomenon can be similar to using a magnifying lens to light a fire. Over time this could cause problems that Garage Door Doctor will need to correct.

The Do-it-Yourself solution

Even if you don’t have a lot of money, it’s easy to protect your garage door sensors from the sun. A simple cardboard roll of toilet paper can be used to protect your garage door’s sensors from the sun. Simply cut a small section of the tube and place it on the “eyes” of your sensor. Then, tape it in place. A short section of PVC pipe can be used to make a shield for the sensor. Make sure the lens of the sensor is in the middle of the shield when installing the shield. The shield could cause signal interruption by redirecting the infrared signal. It is important to not leave the sensor shield on too long, so you don’t get in your garage door.

The Professional Option

Garage Door Doctor recommends custom-made shields for sun interference. These shields attach to your sensor with wing nuts, which makes them less likely to fall off. The advantage of custom-made shields is their professional appearance. They are ideal for garages with a well-kept garages. The shields are also made from heavy-gauge metal, which makes them durable. These shields are thinner than do-it-yourself shields. This makes shields made for purpose easier to install without worrying about signal redirection.

Alternative Workarounds

You can use other temporary solutions to fix the problem if you are in a rush or don’t have enough time to make a sunblock. You can shield one sensor with your hand or a piece of paper. This technique can boost signal strength so that garage doors can open and close as normal if the sensor is not in direct sunlight. Try waiting for the sun to move to a different location in the sky to see if this does not work. Normal operation should be restored if the sun is at the right angle so that it does not interfere with the sensors.

Safety is the highest priority

Many homeowners get frustrated with garage door sensors and decide to override them. Garage door openers come with a setting that allows you to manually bypass the sensors. This will allow your garage door to move up and down, without stopping, once you have pressed the right button. The sensors are there to ensure your safety. Garage doors are heavy and close quickly, making sensors mandatory. If someone is in the path, they could cause serious injury. It’s best to attempt one of the above solutions. You can also override the sensors if that doesn’t work. However, Garage Door Doctor should be contacted immediately for a more secure fix.

Take Care of Garage Doors and Sensors

At Ultra Garage Doors, our professionals have many years of industry experience. They have years of industry experience and can perform all types of garage door services including spring repair and replacement, garage door repair, and garage door opener upgrades. They can handle both residential and commercial garage doors. Ultra Garage Doors employees take pride in providing the best possible service to every customer. We are proud to receive 5-star reviews from our loyal customers. Ultra Garage Doors is here to help you learn more about garage door safety.

The Effect of Sunlight on Garage Door Sensors

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